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Building your perfect home.

JNP Homebuilders create exceptional residential properties, built your way.

Building custom homes is our passion. We understand that a home is much more than a place of shelter. It’s a place where you watch your family grow, a place that signifies milestones and new beginnings, and most importantly a place that you can call home.

We take pride in creating your dream home, and capturing all of these beautiful moments that you will remember for a lifetime.

Our goal is to satisfy our customers and create a beautiful home that you will live in for years to come. To us, the beauty of a custom made home is in the details.

We specialize in perfecting every detail with the finest craftsmanship. We work with our clients to formulate the best floor plan and design for your custom made home. Not only will we by your side during the entire homebuilding process, but also after all the work is complete. It is our goal to establish life-long clients, and to continue building your homes for generations to come.

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JNP Homebuilders builds beautiful, high-quality homes at all price points. Check out our homes below.